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Welcome to WifeWriting.com! The web's largest archive of amateur white wives submitting to big black cock. Every one of our married slut wives becomes a human graffiti fuck toy for her interracial lover. Every stud here at Wife Writing has at least 10 thick inches of big black dick and shoots huge, thick loads of cum. Our girls LOVE interracial sex and submitting to the black man and swallowing their cum. There are no fake black cock sluts here! Come see why WifeWriting.com is consistently voted the most unique interracial porn site in the world! Hundreds of 100% exclusive amateur interracial sex videos, movies and pics for only HARDCORE inter-racial fans!
Barbora Wifewriting
Wife Writing Barbora
503 Pics  |  6 Movies  |  Member Rating:8.96
Barbora Barbora is from the Czech Republic, where they have an abundance of white cock, but a major shortage of black dick! As a matter of fact, she has yet to taste the chocolate goodness, but we're here to help, so we have hooked her up for her initial trial run. She strips and shows off her fine European skin, then the black dude unsheaths his sharpie to mark his territory. From there, it's a suckfest as she blows the shit out of him in every position she can think of. He then rewards her by blowing his load into her mouth to finish off her first encounter of the dark kind!
Member Comments:
orga****: not enough action, but love the under shots of her sucking his balls and cock, so take it on back to the back door with her tongue also.
slay****: Make her take a black baby back to where she comes from.
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Barbora Interracial
Black Cock Slut Barbora
Wifewriting Barbora
Wifewriting BarboraWriting on White Girls

Bonnie Heart
Bonnie Heart Wifewriting
Wife Writing Bonnie Heart
509 Pics  |  7 Movies  |  Member Rating:9.02
Bonnie Heart The British are cumming! They will be soon enough, anyway. Slim, very white, blonde, Bonnie Heart is in America for one reason, to get her share of black meat. She gets naked, suitably marked, then starts showing how much she likes to suck off a big black stranger. The scene progresses to her flat on her back, getting her pussy fingered while her mouth is fucked like a bitch in heat. She gets into this so much that she sucks this dude off, he blasts hot jizz into her mouth and she swallows it like it's her medicine...more like it's her drug of choice!
Member Comments:
quav****: Great oral creampie. I'd love to see more of those!!
orga****: Nice guy, and more realistic for size as most blacks aren't as big as protrayed in this site, but good fantasy. :-) This guy is good, and so is girl, but feel too much nasty anti white writing is unnecessary....... Keep it balanced. Love the ending as realistic blow job.
west****: Complete trash. Dont like all this ant white shit here. Awful.
Pass****: nice scene, what is the guys name? He is very hot ?
chri****: nice
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Bonnie Heart Interracial
Black Cock Slut Bonnie Heart
Wifewriting Bonnie Heart
Wifewriting Bonnie HeartWriting on White Girls

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie Wifewriting
Wife Writing Lisa Marie
721 Pics  |  7 Movies  |  Member Rating:9.21
Lisa Marie We got one SWEET piece of ass for the latest wifewriting installment...super hottie, Lisa Marie! Lisa is smoking a cigarette while explaining her devotion to black dicks, and tells us the tale of her first interracial blowjob. She gets naked and gets her Sharpie tatoos proclaiming her black penile preferences, then gets to work sucking. After she gets her fill of dicksucking, she assumes the position and gets her oral lubejob with some ghetto sauce, which she makes a meal of!
Member Comments:
Arka****: I agree with the above comment and enjoyed seeing Lisa get thoroughly humiliated in this scene.
bigm****: It's great that this cute young girl has learned to submit to men of color. She seems very genuine and sweet. It's great that she knows her place in this world.
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Lisa Marie Interracial
Black Cock Slut Lisa Marie
Wifewriting Lisa Marie
Wifewriting Lisa MarieWriting on White Girls

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